Translation services

E.T. Comunicazioni provides translations in all language pairs where Italian is the source or the target language.

We translate contracts, bylaws, financial statements, powers of attorney, tender documents, technical manuals, websites, advertising texts and any other document your company may require. All translations are proof-read before delivery.
Translations may be legalised in court or certified.
If the original text is supplied by the customer in editable format, a CAT tool will be used for translation.


  • technical manuals and scientific documents (medical, engineering, industrial, etc.).
  • corporate and notary documents (minutes of general and board meetings, financial statements, bylaws, powers of attorney, certificates of commercial registers, etc.)
  • legal documents in general (procedural documents, judgements, etc.).
  • patent and registered trademark applications
  • reports by experts
  • information and advertising texts (booklets, brochures, catalogues, websites, etc.).

Private customers

  • civil registry certificates (birth, residence, civil and marital status certificates, etc.)
  • school reports, high school and university certificates, CV, etc.
  • documents for foreign pensions
  • papers for adoption, separation, divorce, family reunification, succession and inheritance, work agreements, contracts for sale of real estate, vehicles, etc.
  • medical certificates
  • driving licences, powers of attorney, etc.