What is intended as a page of translation and how is it calculated?

One page corresponds to 1500 characters including spaces, as indicated by the computer


What document formats do you accept?

Word, Excel, Power Point and PDF.


Do you work for companies or private individuals?

Both for companies and private individuals.


How will my translation be delivered?

By e-mail or the hard copy may be sent to you by ordinary mail or express courier.


May I ask you for a trial translation?

Yes, but the text should be no more than 900 characters.


How can I get a free quote?

Click on “Quote” and enter the information requested.


What guarantees do you offer for your service?

We will provide the names of our customers on request.


How can I get a translated document legalised?

We will legalise the translation for you in Court.


How do I pay?

Payments may be made by bank transfer, credit card or PayPal.